Belgian Group Photo @ EF

(Date TBA)
It's time for the yearly Belgian group picture!
We will meet up at 13:45 and take the picture at 14:00 SHARP! No delays, if you want to be in suit, suit up before you come, if you want to take your own picture, have your camera on you.

For now I have planned to have the picture either inside the Main Entrance Hall, or right outside, if the weather permits (the official EF group picture will be outside, half an hour later).

This is the first time in Hamburg, so we are not yet familiar with how the convention center's layout will work, so this location might change if not suitable, if so I will communicate this on Sunday or Monday, both here and on telegram, so please make sure check back here for confirmation.

Location: Congress Center Hamburg
Organiser: MrEvers
Type: Belgian furry events